Skara Brae

A New Year Begins

The Adventures of the Potters and Company

The three children were quite excited to receive their letters of acceptance from the Skara Brae Academy of the Arcane Arts. The two promising young brothers of wizardry, Harry and Firemaster, were soon gathered up by the gruff custodian Maltobene the dwarf along with their cousin, a young huntress and tracker of similarly great promise named Vio.

With the three gifted students in tow, the rugged custodian escorted them to a concealed Wizard’s Market to gather school supplies. It was there that they met the rather eccentric gnome, Master Bee, who tagged along in search of a new career. Here the custodian as well spotted the stern librarian’s assistant, Master Doo, who was engaged in an argument as usual, this time over the price of scrolls. The custodian felt bad about planting his axe into the shopkeep’s table during the dispute, and had it replaced by a fine stone table.

The group made its way to the train station, whereupon they met other students like Chum and traveled back to the school. During their journey, mischievous illusions were practiced by the young ones.

After settling in, the kids were greeted in the great meeting hall by the Academy’s Headmaster Charlene Thoreau. The lovely lady in blue welcomed all new academics with open arms as she ran down the rules and expectations the Academy placed upon them. She then gave the floor to a most enormous dragon! With wizardly cap and scholarly spectacles however, this elder dragon was far more gentle in spirit than one would expect. Nonetheless, the eccentric gnome Bee defended the students with a heroic, albeit misplaced, gesture by standing before the draconic Master Cornelius G. Grimburrow III, who reassured the gathering of his benevolent intent. A flamboyantly dressed gnome then helped the bizarre Bee sit in his chair after misunderstanding the meaning of “please take a seat.”

The great dragon assigned each student to their order, with the Potter boys and cousin Vio finding their way into the Order of the Phoenix, an ancient house of both noble majesty and great power. And before the great feast of magical food all the children could desire, the Headmaster reminded all that they were to stay away from the Dark Forest.

After turning in to bed, young Harry Potter heard a weeping girl outside his second-story window. And she was heading for the forbidden Dark Forest! Heeding the advice, the Potters at first stayed… but when Monetebene and the new groundskeeper went to investigate, and were joined by Doo, the kids along with Vio tagged along out of curiosity. They found the girl made her way to her home, and revealed the sad story of her grandmother’s curse, which her mother inherited, and now her. They were doomed to not do well at school, and to die young. The source of the curse was revealed to be in the Dark Forest, and only after being insisted upon by Montebene and the others did the girl cast aside her demand they leave to save themselves from the evil and guided them to it.

The Dark Forest was a creepy place, especially at night. Wisps of fog in the misty air seemed to play tricks on the mind, forming into hands before one’s very eyes, or even a haunting face. Lo! These were no mere illusions, but two shadowy spectres of the night took shape to steal the souls of the forest delvers. But the young ones had bested them, with some help from the shorter adults.

In awe, the young girl led them further, until the air around them grew unnaturally dark. Even the torchlight seemed repressed by the darkness. A bloodstained altar lay before them. As Montebene hacked away at the altar, a grating, haggard voice chastised and struck fear into them for daring to come.

Betrayal! It was then that the girl revealed her true nature by replying to her mother that she had brought an offering, an offering to stain the forest with more evil via the blood sacrifice of these brave six! Walking into the remaining light, the two green hags were hideous in appearance, and worked dark magic upon the group…

But their power and skill at arms proved the better! After Doo’s verbal exchange of vicious mockery with the hag mother, Maltobene’s axe landed in the daughter’s spine. The enraged mother nearly burned the dwarf alive with her rage. But she as well soon met her death by the arrows of Vio and the magic missiles of the children. With the hags destroyed, the darkness lifted from the land and the air. A sense of peace returned…

What further adventures await our young companions? Tune in next time to find out!


Whoever says Mastet Doo was in an argument “as usual” is very misinformed! I’ve never been an argumentative individual. It’s just that most others are generally very ill informed… It would be nice if they could get the story straight. WOULDN’T IT!
Truly Yours
- Master Doo

A New Year Begins

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